We look forward to having you as a part of the community!  

Here are some guidelines to remember as you become a part of this co-op:   Make sure you sign the contract and turn in the $35 deposit for your keys (if applicable).  Connect to our Facebook page, check-in when you're at the studio, and use the #SecondLevelStudios hashtag across all social media.  Help promote the space!  As you go, communicate openly about ideas and concerns you have.  Tell us when you need anything promoted for you online. Be an active and constructive participant in the events and community aspect as you are available. Respect the space, keep it clean, take care with others' equipment and furnishings, the calendar and reservations, and our neighbors. Always, always lock the deadbolt when you leave.  ; ) 

We know it's not going to be rose petals and meadows 100% of the time -- but just remember that by supporting each other, we have this amazing space to call our own.