Q+A with the Pros

We have a number of events the next few weeks that will provide aspiring photographers and students the opportunity to ask local pros any question they like!  Hopefully they blow your mind.

Here is a comprehensive list for the next month:

Feb.16, 8pm:  Michael Dick & John Underwood
Feb.27, 7pm:  Vanessa Isenbarger & Jen Carmichael
Mar.15, 8pm:  Polina Osherov & Esther Boston
Apr.19, 8pm:  Megan Pettry & Brian Powell

Bring your best photography or photo-biz related questions! Bring a friend. BYOB too.

We'll see you at the studio, 

We're back, baby.

We will open again as of March 1, 2016.  We're better, faster, stronger.  Well, not sure if that applies here -- but we are going to do things better, and bigger, this time around!  The main difference you will see, other than this sexy website, is a regular rotation of classes, workshop, and meetups at our space.  We will even have a free day here and there. 

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and #SecondLevelStudios tags on Twitter and Instagram.  Join us for some upcoming events and classes, or inquire about becoming a member.