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DSLR Intro: Shooting in Manual. March 12th (new class!)

On Saturday March 12th from 10am-12pm, Brian Powell will host an Intro to DSLR class focused on learning how to shoot in Manual mode.  

Frustrated with leaving all of the decisions up to the camera in Auto mode and getting inconsistent results?  Want to learn how your camera and lens really work, and learn how to control them?  This class is for you.  We will cover how to choose your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO -- and how they affect both exposure and how the image looks.  You will learn which settings to use in different situations, and we will address other questions you have about white balance, focusing, etc. 
 You do not have to own a camera to attend, but it would help to have one to practice with!  If you have questions, please message Brian via 

The cost for this class is $55.  Sign up for a seat below;  Seats are limited to 8 for this class, so grab one while they last!  Don't worry if you miss out.  We'll have these every month  :)