Business workshop: Sunday April 22, 2p-5p

/////UPDATE: This is sold out;  Stay tuned to our social media for future events./////

We have a great opportunity for anyone who is serious, curious, determined, perplexed (or all of the above) about the business of photography.  The theme is Making the Jump:  we have three of our local pros who have all 'made the jump' from a nice cushy "day job".... into the world of self-employed photography.  Victoria, one of our members, just made the jump a month ago!  Erika left her engineering job a couple years back, and Brian left his job at Purdue in 2012. 


We'll be sharing with you our nuggets of hard-earned wisdom, gleaned from our experiences with making the jump from a day job, running our businesses, working with clients, marketing ourselves, and yes..... pricing!  You'll have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions as we go, hear real stories that we would never tell online, workshop real-world pricing numbers, and meet other photographers. 

 If you have time, we'll be heading to dinner afterwards (optional) to continue the conversation and answer any more questions.  Space is limited to 10 seats, and each seat is $50 (studio members can have a seat for free!)